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Microbiology Students Unveil Fresh Bearcat Brew Recipe at Local Brewery

Lander University microbiology students recently revealed their research findings to enhance the recipe of Bearcat Brew at Good Times Brewing, where the craft beer is brewed. Photo by Katelynn Green

In the fall of 2023, Lander University’s microbiology students set out to enhance the recipe of Bearcat Brew, a blonde ale that is locally brewed in Uptown Greenwood.

The upperclassmen revealed their research findings on January 18 at Good Times Brewing, where the craft beer is brewed. During the unveiling, guests had the opportunity to sample the ale while gaining insight about the science behind the brewing process.

This week’s reveal of the updated recipe marks the culmination of months of study under the guidance of Dr. Melissa Hayes, Lander assistant professor of biology. The students’ research encompassed various aspects of the brewing process, including fermentation, temperature, pH of the initial wort (beer starter) and the viability of the final product.

Launched in 2021, Bearcat Brew was created as a partnership between Lander’s Athletic Department and the newly opened Good Times Brewing to offer a branded beverage for Bearcat fans to enjoy at home games. It is now available at stores and restaurants across Greenwood. The recipe now serves as a teaching tool in microbiology classrooms, helping students understand the science behind creating marketable products.