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McCravy Holds Mock Mediation Exercises

Top, plaintiff team, led by attorney Nayeli Martinez Vazquez. From left to right: Brandon Vences, of Greenwood; Nayeli Martinez Vazquez; Darius Broadwater, of North Augusta; and Chris Washington, of Hilton Head. Bottom, defense team, led by attorney Bryce McKee. From left to right: Bryce McKee; Justin Cooper, of Pauline; Alex Langley, of Greenwood; Crystal Tepetate, of Greenwood; and Richard Shearer, of Greenwood.
Alternative dispute resolution is taking the place of trials in many jurisdictions, including South Carolina. Mediations are now mandatory in all circuit courts in South Carolina prior to trial. Lander University College of Business adjunct faculty member and attorney, Rep. John R. McCravy, provided the experience of a mock mediation liability case for his Commercial Law 352 students on Nov. 19. McCravy hosted the mock mediation at the law offices of McCravy, Newlon, Sturkie and Clardy, where students were split into a plaintiff and defense team and assigned various roles, including attorneys, litigants, insurance adjusters and various relevant positions when conducting the exercise. After opening arguments, the parties separated into different rooms and the mediator facilitated negotiation to a settlement of $667,000.