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Lander Student Hava Lin ‘A True Asset to the ASC’

Hava LinMaintaining a perfect 4.0 grade point average is no easy task. Just ask Lander University management and marketing major Hava Lin.

"Most of my time is dedicated to studying and getting peers to look over my work to ensure I did not miss anything. I avoid distractions such as TikTok and Netflix as well," she said.

Lin, who is from Ohio, near Lake Erie, is only a junior, but she has already earned a number of academic credits usually associated with a senior.

She chose to attend Lander because it was a small school with a good ranking. She chose to study management and marketing because "they seemed to be the most useful and widely applicable skills to have personally, and to use in a business setting."

One of the advantages of doing well in almost everything is that you can tutor almost everything, too, and that's what Lin does for Lander's Academic Success Center, offering help in a wide range of business courses, including a weekly drop-in session for accounting. However, she is also an in-demand tutor for subjects such as geology.

Lin said she enjoys hearing that students she tutored "have done well on a test."

Anissa Lawrence, who coordinates tutoring for Lander's Academic Success Center, said that Lin "has a sunny disposition and always comes into the ASC with a smile on her face. Hava is a true asset to the ASC family with the wide range of classes she tutors."