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Classes for Lander University’s New Entrepreneurship Major to Begin this Fall

Lander University has announced that classes for the new Bachelor of Arts in Entrepreneurship program will begin in the fall of 2021.

Lander's Bachelor of Arts in Entrepreneurship offers students a practical understanding of activities needed to be a successful entrepreneur in today's competitive marketplace. Students will learn about leveraging business opportunities into viable business entities as studies involve idea generation, marketing, management, operations, capital funding, and the legal aspects of beginning a new venture.

In addition to Lander's general education curriculum, students will take courses from four main cognates that explore the following key areas:

  • Business Core: Focusing on foundational business courses including small business and entrepreneurship theory courses.
  • Business Writing: Courses that focus on business writing skills for business plan development, proposal writing, and grant writing.
  • Human and Social Discovery: Courses that focus on opening one's perceptional window for opportunity recognition. The courses to select from are in discipline areas that include economics, political science, psychology and sociology.
  • Creativity and Innovation: Courses that focus on honing one's creative talents and tap into developmental ideas towards opportunity recognition. The courses to select from are in discipline areas including art, design, media arts and theatre.

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