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College Visual Arts Students Form Elaborate Sand Sculptures on Grand Strand Beaches

Visual Arts students from Lander University create sand sculptures on the beaches of the Grand Strand. Photo courtesy of WBTW-TV News

A group of visual arts students from Lander University in Greenwood traveled down to the Grand Strand this week for a hands on opportunity to put their lessons to the test by making sand sculptures.

Art education sophomore, Hannah Elmore says although having class on the beach may sound like a breeze, making sand sculptures isn't exactly an easy process.

"Some of us even use our feet, I don't have very big feet so I can't use that but I have a lot of power in my hands anyway." Elmore said. "We have to carry five pounds of water back and forth from the ocean, to help form our sculptures, it can become exhausting."

Graphic design student Brandon Hernandez says in class they have been studying 3D building and how to make temporary art.

"You have to build a skill of patience really because if you try to build too fast it collapses and having that feeling of collapsing, and seeing your work there not finished, just sucks so you really have to take your time." Hernandez said.

Aside from building sculptures on the beach for the week, Associate Professor Doug Mcabee says the students also get to have some fun at Brookgreen Gardens and Huntington State Park Beach.

"We come out and there's a lot of frustration at first, when things start to fall in but we try to see those as opportunities." Mcabee said. "We had an example yesterday where a big sculpture started to fall a part and we completely revamped it, changed it and made something great out of it."

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