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Lander Alumni Assist in Creation of Elementary Space Museum

Lakeview Elementary fourth-graders Jalezha Carroll, left, and Ava Grace Knight enjoy a likeness of the constellation Ursa Major at the school's new Interactive Space Museum. Photo courtesy of Lakeview Elementary

Created by 130 Lakeview pupils with assistance from Lakeview faculty, Emerald High art students, and Lander University alumni, the Space Museum is intended as a tool to help Lakeview 4th graders learn about planets, constellations, space tools, and the relationship between the Earth, Sun and Moon.

"Through their own research, students became experts on a planet, constellation, space tool or space event," said Jenny Risinger, Lander '97, and science coach for Greenwood School District 50. "Then they used their math skills to create scale-sized models of the solar system and their objects for the museum."