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Vending Machine Gives out Free Drinks for a Hug

hug-me-vending-machine.jpgThe words "Hug Me" printed across the front of a vending machine prompted quite a reaction on the campus of Lander University this afternoon.

The bright red machine was a welcome sight for students returning to class following closures and delays due to hazardous weather associated with Hurricane Irma as the tropical storm crossed over parts of the region this week.

Several members of the cheer and dance teams joined with fellow classmates to share a group hug _ smiling as a free soft drink promptly rolled out of the dispenser. Others gathered nearby for their chance to wrap an arm around the friendly drink machine in exchange for a free Coke.

Dispensing free soft drinks and prizes to those who shared an embrace, the "Hug Me" machine remained inside the Grier Student Center for several hours before traveling to other locations across the state.