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Lander Stages Student Artwork Ceremony

Student artists, faculty members and dignitaries gathered for a photo following Thursday's Student Artwork Installation Ceremony at Lander. From left to right are Lander First Lady Jessica Cosentino; Dr. Renee Love, dean of the College of Arts and Humanities; Associate Professor of Art Doug McAbee; student artists Olivia Bolt, Elizabeth Earles and Molly Ott; and Lander President Dr. Richard Cosentino.

A special ceremony was held Thursday, Feb. 16, at Lander University's Moran Assembly Plaza to recognize the creators of three sculptures recently added to campus.

Two of the sculptures - "Mental Expansion," by Olivia Bolt, of Gray Court, and "Sounds of Laughter," by Molly Ott, of Boiling Springs - have been installed in the plaza itself. A third, "Echo," by Elizabeth Earles, of Columbia, was installed in the Larry A. Jackson Library, which adjoins the plaza.

Bolt, Ott and Earles each spoke, addressing topics such as the materials they used in creating their works, the processes they went through and the inspiration for their works, and each was presented with a monetary award.

A total of 20 student sculptures now adorn the Lander campus, the result of a public sculpture initiative by Lander President Dr. Richard Cosentino. All are "wonderful," according to Associate Professor of Art Doug McAbee, who spoke at Thursday's event, but Bolt, Ott and Earles "did work on a level that deserved special recognition."

McAbee expressed thanks for the prominent locations made available to his students for the presentation of their work, and for the opportunity to speak publicly about the creation of them, which he said artists "live to do."

He said he was also pleased to be able to help the students recover at least part of the money they spent creating their work.

"What some people may not realize is that artwork costs not just your blood, your sweat and your tears, but it costs money. It costs money for the supplies and the materials. Our sculpture students will incur those expenses," he said.

McAbee said he was "so proud" of Bolt, Ott and Earles, whom he said "have inspired us. They are true artists."