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Lander Habitat Hosts Groundbreaking Celebration to Launch Construction of New Home

habitat-TN.jpgOn Wednesday, Feb. 8, the Lander University chapter of Habitat for Humanity will host a groundbreaking celebration for construction of the group's second Habitat home.

The celebration will begin at 1 p.m. at the Habitat build site on the Lander campus, adjacent to Lide residence hall on Willson Street.

Speaking at the event will be Jessica Trotter, president of Lander Habitat; Bryson Bouknight, vice president of building for Lander Habitat; Ananda Cloud, vice president of operations for Lander Habitat; and Chad Charles, executive director for Greenwood Habitat for Humanity.

Once the outer shell of the new home is completed, it will be moved to Kirksey Forest, off Marshall Road, where it will be permanently located.

Kirksey Forest is the same location where the first house constructed by Lander Habitat last year was eventually placed. During work for that home, the house had a roof, windows, doors and exterior siding within the first two weeks of construction.

According to Charles, the eventual completion of the first home on schedule by Lander students, faculty, staff and area residents "showed a community that's united."