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Lander Introduces New Flexible Payment Plan

Lander University has extended its Fall 2017 semester payment deadline to 5 p.m. Tuesday, Aug. 8. Additionally, the university announced today that it is introducing a new flexible payment plan aimed at making it easier for Lander students to pay tuition and fees.

The Bearcat Payment Plan will be available to students beginning with the upcoming Fall 2017 semester, which kicks off on August 17. Offered for fall and spring semesters only, the plan is interest-free and allows students to spread their tuition payments over four installments per semester.

To be eligible, students must have an account balance of at least $200 for the semester after all financial aid has been assigned. Students with balances of less than $200 may still be eligible to participate with approval from the Business Office or the Office of Financial Aid. Tuition and university fees, including course fees, general fees, food service fees and housing, may be financed with the plan.

How the Bearcat Payment Plan Works

  • Students must sign a promissory note before the appropriate drop date, and a $50 participation fee is required to enroll in the Bearcat Payment Plan.
  • For students who are not receiving financial aid, a 10-percent down payment of the balance owed is due by the semester payment deadline. For students who are receiving financial aid, no down payment is required - the financial aid will count toward the down payment.
  • The remaining balance owed would then be paid in four installments of 25 percent each over the span of the semester. For the Fall 2017 semester, the payment dates are Sept. 15, Oct. 15, Nov. 15 and Dec. 11.

Online Enrollment

Enrolling in the Bearcat Payment Plan is easy and can be done online through the student's MyLander account. Choose the "Account Summary for Selected Term" option, then click on the "Enroll in a Payment Plan" option.

Students with questions about payment plan enrollment should contact Lander's Business Office at 864-388-8088.