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Student Scholarship Showcase Makes Debut at Lander University

showcase performers
Lander University students recognized at this year's Student Scholarship Showcase, sponsored by the College of Arts and Humanities, were, from left to right, Tiffney Cooper of West Columbia; Ryan Hewitt of Florence; Zach Helms of Greenwood; Brent Delgado of Abbeville; Jess Timmons; EllenBess Gable of Greenwood; and Tyler Lambert of Chapin. Other award winners not pictured are Paula Birch Billingsley of Fairfax and Lanesha Campbell-Alston of North Charleston.

The Student Scholarship Showcase sponsored recently by Lander University's College of Arts and Humanities (CAH) was a "tremendous success," according to Dean Alice Taylor-Colbert, who said it garnered praise from students and faculty alike.

The showcase represented a new way for the CAH to promote the scholarship, creativity and professionalism of its students, who were invited to present written papers, literary reviews, evidence-based projects, musical and oral projects, scriptwriting, theatrical and audio/visual works in a public setting, before a panel of judges.

The two-day event culminated in an awards ceremony at which winners were presented with cash prizes and other remembrances of the event.

Taylor-Colbert said the experience was so positive that CAH faculty members are already planning how they can develop the showcase to feature more high-quality student work next year. She expressed the hope that "other colleges in the university will want to join us in this endeavor."

This year's showcase award winners were Paula Birch Billingsley of Fairfax, creative writing award; Jess Timmons, analytical writing and English Department awards; Lanesha Campbell-Alston of North Charleston, radio award; Tiffney Cooper of West Columbia, TV and mass communication emphasis awards; Ryan Hewitt of Florence, speech and theatre emphasis awards; Hewitt and Zach Helms of Greenwood, theatre award; Brent Delgado of Abbeville, history award; EllenBess Gable of Greenwood, art award; and Tyler Lambert of Chapin, music award.