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Mujer: Sanctuary

Mujer: Sanctuary
August 21-September 25

Reception - September 5 from 5:00-7:00 p.m.

Participating Artists:

Jorge Rojas is an experienced muralist and educator with a 30-year background in visual arts. He is skilled in creating artworks of different scales for cultural and commercial use.

Siara Yazminv learned early in life just how wild and fun art can be. She watched her mother and grandfather create a magical Disney mural in the room she shared with her sister. She was enamored with crazy cartoon shows and fantastical animated movies. The endless possibilities of painting and drawing felt freeing, and that feeling never left her. Faces have always been her favorite subjects – either from imagination or real life. There is already so much emotion there, ready to complement the right style and colors. She also loves working with animals, wildlife and nature as subjects. She hopes to tell a story in each painting, and it’s touching to her when someone else sees and feels a story of their own in her art.