University policies present non-discretionary expectations that describe accepted standards of conduct, criteria for granting privileges or benefits, or the means of conducting university-related activities. Generally, university policies will not change more frequently than annually.

Policies in the Policy Library are the current official statements of university policy across the University. Policies included in the Policy Library apply to a broad range of the university community, not just one department or unit. University-level policies have been reviewed at the Cabinet level and, in some cases, by the University President and/or the Lander Board of Trustees.


Linking to the Policy Library

Rather than restating policies in multiple locations (e.g., website, handbooks, other documents), external references to University Policies listed in the Policy Library must provide links or references (e.g., Policy Number) to the policies listed here.


Policy Library

Policy Number Policy Name Category
1.1 Trustee Emeritus/Emerita Status (PDF) Board of Trustees Policies
1.2 President Emeritus/Emerita Status (PDF) Board of Trustees Policies
1.3 Faculty Emeritus/Emerita Status (PDF) Board of Trustees Policies
1.4 Staff Emeritus/Emerita Status (PDF) Board of Trustees Policies
2.1 Senior Administrator Evaluations (PDF) President and Cabinet
2.4 Awarding of Honorary Degree (PDF) 
   > Honorary Degree Nomination Form
President and Cabinet
3.1 Faculty Overload (PDF) Academic Affairs
3.2 Intellectual Property (PDF) Academic Affairs
3.3 Multiple Final Exam (PDF) Academic Affairs
3.4 Travel to or Study in Warning Areas (PDF) Academic Affairs
3.5 American Sign Language Course Transfer (PDF) Academic Affairs
3.6 Reading Day (PDF) Academic Affairs
3.7 Military Leave of Absence / Withdrawal (PDF) Academic Affairs
3.10 Summer Pay (PDF) Academic Affairs
5.1 Nepotism and Preferential Treatment (PDF) Human Resources
5.2 Unauthorized Recording (PDF) Human Resources
5.3 Dual Employment (PDF) Human Resources
5.4 Background Screening (PDF) Human Resources
5.5 Family and Medical Leave Act (PDF) Human Resources
5.6 Holiday Leave (PDF) Human Resources
5.7 Annual Leave (PDF) Human Resources
5.8 Sick Leave (PDF) Human Resources
6.3 Protecting Minors on Campus (PDF) Student Affairs
7.1 Email Use for Faculty and Staff (PDF) Information Technology Services
7.5 Technology Acceptable Use (PDF) Information Technology Services
7.7 Hazardous Weather Other Emergency Conditions (PDF) University Relations


Policies Administration

Policy Administrator
Susan Going, Ext. 8042

The Policy Administrator oversees all aspects of the Policy Library and will answer questions about university level policies.  The Policy Administrator works closely with the President’s Cabinet to ensure that adoption of new policies and policy revisions complies with applicable policies of the university and the Lander University Board of Trustees.


New Policies and Revisions

If you are aware of the need for a new university policy or the revision of an existing university policy, please contact the Policy Administrator.


Unit Policies

Colleges, departments, and other university units may have additional policies specific to them and for which they are responsible for maintenance and communication. Unit policies must not conflict with university policies; however, they may be more restrictive. If you have a question regarding a unit's policy, contact the unit directly. Unit policies are adopted in accordance with unit procedures by a vice president, dean, director, or chair, as applicable.