students with round tableLander offers several types of study abroad opportunities.


Study Tours

Every year, Lander faculty offer short-term overseas academic programs which cover a variety of topics. Study Tours are typically one to three weeks in length, and take place during winter break, spring break, and summer. Barring travel restrictions, for the 2021-22 year Lander will offer five enticing Study Tours:


Semester and Summer Partner programs

Lander has developed direct partnerships with a number of overseas institutions, allowing students to live and study abroad for a semester or a year. Students enroll directly at the overseas institution. Current Lander partner institutions include:

  • the University of Winchester, in Winchester, England
  • TANDEM Escuela Internacional in Madrid, Spain
  • ALI Abroad / University of Alicante, in Alicante, Spain
  • the University of the Aegean, in Rhodes, Greece
  • Salzburg College, in Salzburg, Austria
  • Kyungpook National University, in Daegu, South Korea.


Semester and Summer Affiliate programs

Affiliate programs are available through third-party providers. They may be for a summer, semester, or an entire year overseas. In addition to classes, affiliate programs may also offer internship and volunteer opportunities. Lander works with the following providers—chosen for the quality of their programs—offering access to a multitude of university programs around the world:


Internships and volunteering

Internship and volunteering opportunities may serve your academic program better than a traditional semester or summer abroad. In addition to those offered on affiliate programs, Lander students can access challenging internship and volunteer opportunities through Projects Abroad.


Non-Lander programs

A non-Lander program is one that is not affiliated with Lander University through an agreement. Lander typically requires students to attend Lander-vetted study abroad programs, but may approve study abroad at a non-Lander program if there is a compelling academic reason.

If you participate in a semester or year-long non-approved program, you are not considered a Lander student for the duration of the program, and this may have a significant impact on your financial aid. You will also need to apply for re-admission in order to return to Lander and continue your studies here. You are strongly encouraged to consider the many programs offered by Lander before pursuing the non-approved study abroad program process.