You’re fascinated by living things.

anatomy classYou want to know more about the biology of animals, plants, bacteria and viruses. You are curious about the complex web of organisms that thrive in local rivers and forests. You would like to research the causes of modern diseases and their cures.

A biology degree opens doors to a variety of exciting careers – careers that allow you to explore these topics and many more. At Lander University, we will provide you with the scientific foundation and training you’ll need to achieve your professional goals.

You’ll be taught by faculty who are accomplished scholars, published researchers and distinguished professionals in their respective fields. They all weave years of study, travel and life experiences into their teaching styles, guaranteeing a varied and challenging look at the broad field of biological sciences.

You’ll feel at home in Lander’s 84,000-square-foot science building, featuring interactive classrooms and lecture halls, as well as state-of-the-art laboratories. You’ll enjoy a comfortable openness within those classrooms, getting to know both the faculty and fellow students.

And with many opportunities for individual research, exploration in South Carolina’s diverse environment, and hands-on experience at area medical and science facilities, you’ll be prepared for admission into prestigious graduate programs – or you can go straight into employment upon graduation.

If you love biology, we can show you how to turn that passion into a successful, fulfilling career.


Expand your degree with a genetics emphasis

Are you curious about the wealth of information and challenges the Human Genome Project continues to reveal? Does the power of genetic engineering and forensic DNA technology interest you? If so, the genetics emphasis might be a great fit for you.


Pre-Professional Studies

Lander offers pre-allied health programs in: pre-medicine; pre-veterinary medicine; pre-dentistry; pre-optometry; pre-podiatric medicine; pre-osteopathic medicine; pre-pharmacy; pre-physical therapy; pre-physician assistant; and pre-occupational therapy. These programs are designed to prepare you to go on to health-related professional schools.

Most pre-allied health students major in one of the science fields offered at Lander, such as biology or chemistry. The key to our successful program is early, individual advising. As you plan your curriculum, your pre-allied health adviser will help you tailor your studies to meet the requirements of the graduate school of your choice.