Upcoming Training Sessions

Topic Time/Location

Blackboard: Overview Training for New Faculty and Adjuncts     

This workshop will give you the tools to get started using Blackboard confidently on day 1 of classes.  We will look at functionality, ways to implement, and best practices.      

January 8-10, 2019 (TBD)

Blackboard: Getting Started

This workshop provides a hands-on introduction to the Blackboard Learn interface and organization features. You will focus on navigation, course style, and the process of planning, adding, and organizing links on the course menu.

Along the way, you will examine different strategies for organizing the course menu, which is the students’ access point to tools and content. Finally, you will consider ways you can influence your students’ impressions of the online learning environment.


January 21 and 22: Noon JL127B

Blackboard: Groups 

In this workshop, you learn to facilitate collaboration among students by setting up groups. In Blackboard Learn, groups can have their own discussion board, blog, journals, and wikis. Group members can exchange documents, submit group assignments, send email to other group members, and distribute tasks to keep the group on track.

March 18 and 19: Noon JL127B

Blackboard: Assignments 

The assignments tool enables you to collect student documents uploaded in Blackboard. Use it to create, manage, and distribute activities that assess students in meaningful ways beyond traditional objective tests.

The Grade Center's organization and management capabilities are incorporated into the assignments tool, allowing you to provide feedback and grades efficiently.


April 22 and 23: Noon JL127B

Recorded Training Sessions

Videos available via Hoonuit (formerly Atomic Learning). Sign in with your Lander username/password to access each video.

Topic Date Recorded

Tech Tuesday: Blackboard - Anatomy of the Gradebook                      

Sept 26, 2017

Tech Tuesday: Password Managers

Oct 3, 2017

Tech Tuesday: Securing your Home Network

Oct 10, 2017

Tech Tuesday: Avoid Losing Everything - Data Backup

Oct 17, 2017

Tech Tuesday: Equifax Breach

Oct 24, 2017

COIL: Discussions, Blogs, Journals, and Wikis

December 5, 2018

COIL: Blackboard Retention Center

September 18, 2018