The mission and vision that guide the Department of Teacher Education focuses on improving education for all learners.

teacher reading to studentsYou want to stand before a class of hungry minds, sharing your wisdom and experiences to inspire future doctors and nurses, lawyers and educators, entrepreneurs and historians, artists and musicians. It's an engaging career, and a degree from Lander can prepare you for the challenges—and rewards—of teaching.

With a long-standing tradition of producing talented teachers, Lander's Department of Teacher Education focuses on empowering and encouraging students to become competent professionals, lifelong learners and responsible citizens. Our faculty members have extensive experience in teaching children and young adults, and they constantly update their knowledge by working with our K-12 partner schools. And because many of our professors also serve on statewide education committees, you'll have invaluable access to the latest state regulations and policies. With small class sizes and many professional and student organizations on campus, you'll also have plenty of chances to get to know others who share your interest in education.

You want to be a teacher. At Lander, we’ll give you the knowledge and confidence to excel in the classroom.


Mission and Vision

The Department of Teacher Education empowers educators to instruct innovatively, design diligently, engage experientially, and advocate authentically.

The Lander University Teacher Education program aspires to create valued educators who are catalysts for innovative instruction and sustainable learning. Our program, grounded in diversity, fosters proactive/authentic advocacy, collaboration, and effective communication. We are committed to empowering learners to become creative and resilient citizens who embrace and contribute to a dynamic, global society.


Teacher Certification

Along with teacher certification in early childhood, elementary, and special education, the Department of Teacher Education offers credentials for Montessori Education at both the undergraduate and graduate levels.

Lander also offers secondary certification (grades 9-12) in the following areas: Chemistry, English, Mathematics, and Social Studies. K-12 areas offered include Art, Music, and Physical Education.


Become certified in Montessori education through Lander

You believe children learn best through active engagement, using a wide variety of carefully designed materials. You understand that classroom environments should foster the development of independence and self-discipline. You know children have an innate need to be part of a supportive community. These are the tenets of the Montessori approach, and they are the standards by which you will train in Lander's Montessori program. Learn More


Graduate Studies

In addition to its undergraduate programs, Lander provides Master of Education in Teaching and Learning, Master of Education in Montessori Education, and M.A.T. in Art Education to respond to critical needs of the immediate region and the state. Supporting the university's role as a teaching institution and recognizing that scholarship is essential to establishing and maintaining excellence of instruction, Lander faculty engage in scholarly and creative activities appropriate to their teaching fields.


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  • Early Childhood Education
  • Elementary Education
  • Physical Education
  • Secondary Education - Mathematics
  • Secondary Education – English
  • Secondary Education – Chemistry
  • Secondary Education – History
  • Special Education –Multi-categorical
  • Art Education
  • Music Education





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