You see beauty where others may miss it, and something within you needs to express that beauty... on canvas... in clay... on paper... through the eye of the camera or on the computer screen.

pottery studentYou've got the talent, but you want to sharpen your skills. That's where Lander can help.

Within the visual arts degree program, you'll find the individual attention and opportunity for specialization you need to develop your artistic interests.

Your first two years are designed to give you a broad background in the visual arts, helping you decide where to direct your talent - painting, graphic design, sculpting, printmaking, photography, illustration, teaching or ceramics. You'll spend your junior and senior years delving into one of these areas and preparing for a career in visual arts.

You'll feel at home in Lander's Josephine B. Abney Cultural Center, featuring an art gallery, computer graphics lab, wood shop, modern classrooms and studios for crafts, ceramics, sculpture, printmaking and design. The Lander Art Studio, located in the heart of campus, provides space for painting and a photo lab, as well as individual studio space for advanced students.

Whether you're already a polished artist or just a beginner, at Lander, you'll be able to set free your inner creativity with the help of our experienced faculty, all of whom are accomplished artists and educators. As experts in their fields, our faculty are committed to challenging, encouraging and inspiring you to reach your potential.


The visual arts program provides:

  • A knowledge of art history and the tools of art research.
  • A foundation of theoretical design knowledge and analytical skills.
  • Insight into major techniques used in art production, including drawing, painting, sculpture, printmaking, photography and graphic design.
  • Opportunities to prepare for art careers and graduate school through internships, practice teaching, study tours and field trips.
  • Techniques and skills needed to prepare art for exhibition and self promotion.