Lander University encourages its students to experience another culture first hand by living and studying abroad. 

After nearly two years of suspended study abroad programs, Lander University has resumed accepting applications for Spring, Summer, and Fall 2022 study abroad.​ See more information here.


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At Lander University, we believe that a study abroad experience is a natural and essential component of a 21st century education. We offer a variety of affordable study abroad opportunities, including options for internships and service learning. You can study away for one week, three weeks, a summer, a semester, even a year, and tailor your experience to complement your personal interests and academic program.

Our world is wide. From Ireland to Greece, Québec to Perú, Israel to Thailand to Australia, no matter where you choose to go, you will experience the world in a new way, gaining knowledge, insights and perspectives that can only be achieved through being there.

So what are you waiting for? Engage in one of the most exciting opportunities Lander has to offer!


Where can I study for a semester or a summer?

Lander offers numerous programs for semester and summer study abroad in Europe, Asia, Africa, Latin America, and Australia. The University of Winchester has traditionally been the most popular semester abroad destination for Lander students. What is extraordinary is that study at Winchester and other sites, such as Rhodes, Daegu, Madrid, and Salzburg, costs the same as-or less than!—study on campus here in Greenwood.


If I study overseas, will I have to take an additional semester to make up coursework?

This is a major concern for many students. With planning, foresight, and flexibility, it is possible to set up a study abroad program to fit any academic major or minor at Lander and stay on a four-year graduation schedule. This applies to intercollegiate athletes as well!


Can I do coursework in my major?

Yes! Lander encourages students to take classes that will count for major or minor credit when they study overseas. For certain majors, such as Psychology, History, Business, Art, or a foreign language, this is easy to arrange. For other majors, especially those with a very strict curriculum, it will take some foresight and planning. However, even students majoring in areas such as Exercise Science, Computer Science, Teacher Education, Music, or Nursing can study overseas and stay on schedule to graduate in four years.


Where do Faculty-Led Study Tours go? 

Short-term Lander Study Tours visit countries throughout the world. Study Tours typically last one to three weeks, and take place during winter break, spring break, and summer. During recent years, Study Tour destinations have included Cuba, Peru, Germany and the Czech Republic, Ireland, Spain, Greece, France, and Italy. Upcoming 2022 destinations include Costa Rica, Japan, Spain and Italy, and the United Kingdom.


Why should I? What are the benefits of study abroad?
  • To experience another culture first-hand and enhance your cross-cultural competence.
  • To gain a competitive edge for when you apply for a job or to grad school.
  • To gain independence and self-confidence.
  • To strengthen your adaptability.
  • To expand your worldview.
  • To learn about your own country and culture through other eyes.
  • To make new friends from around the world.


The real question is: Can you afford not to study abroad?


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Director of Study Abroad
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