Copy-Submission Process

Submit your work orders via our online ordering platform at this link ( You will receive an automated email when your copies are ready. Make certain that your work adheres to University copyright guidelines. Email: with any questions.  Or call (864) 388-8298.

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Overview for Special Projects

Class packets to be sold in the Bookstore

We can print, package seal, and deliver your unique class-packets to be sold in the Bookstore. It saves money and time for you and the students. Please reach out to us and we can work out the details! (864) 388-8298


Brochures, Postcards, Posters, etc.

It is always advisable to include us in the planning process of your project. We can help with scheduling, design, mail requirements, materials, and cost estimates. Some projects are relatively simple and require only a few days to complete, while other projects are more complex and take several weeks to complete.

When you have your copy, schedule, and all preliminary information ready, you will need to give us a call (864) 388-8298. If necessary, we can coordinate the project with the Purchasing Office and outside vendor. We ensure that you receive on-time delivery and quality results; and resolve billing issues before approving vendor invoices for payment.

ALL special jobs will require you to OK a 'proof.' When we create a project for you or alter an existing one, the work must be checked and approved by you. We will send you an e-mail or a hard-copy sample of the work for you to examine and OK. A proof can prevent most errors that result in wasted time, money and effort. We must establish deadlines as well; this assures that the project stays on track and can be delivered to you on time. The dates are not arbitrary but reflect production realities in terms of competing projects, possible machinery breakdowns, staff down-time and sick leave, etc.




The maximum poster size we can produce is 13 x 19”; larger sizes are outsourced. Posters should be typeset/designed their intended size so that no resizing is needed. Bleeds (when the design goes all the way to the edge of the paper, with no white border showing) will require the use of over-sized paper which is then cut to the final size. If you need help designing a poster, please reach out to our office at (864)388-8680. We have a graphic artist on staff who can help typeset/design.


Brochures and Flyers


These types of jobs require a much longer lead time if we are to design them from scratch. Of course, that may not apply to exact repeats and those repeats needing only minor changes. Your information may need to be vetted by University Relations, as well, so please allow time for that. Please come by the print shop to discuss appropriate papers and layouts. Bleeds(when the design goes all the way to the edge of the paper, with no white border showing) will require the use of over-sized paper which is then cut to the final size. 




Yes, we can do booklets and programs! They take a little longer, but we are very quick!

Please submit booklets and/or programs as pages and not double spreads, as our machines will paginate the pages together for final printing. If you have questions, please call 864-388-8298