Colleges & Schools

With more than 60 areas of study offered through Lander’s five academic colleges, as well as the William Preston Turner School of Nursing, you’ll find the perfect course of study to put you on the path to success. 

College of Arts & Humanities

In the College of Arts and Humanities, Lander students have an expanse of opportunities to explore their talents as musicians, visual artists, designers, and writers.

College of Behavioral & Social Sciences

With an expansive curriculum delivered by awarding-winning faculty and scholars, the College of Behavioral and Social Sciences prepares students for a broad range of careers in social, nonprofit, government, military and public services. 

College of Business & Public Affairs

In the College of Business, students develop their abilities as communicators and problem solvers, examining the world around them and how they fit into it. They also hone the necessary leadership skills that will advance them in their future professions.

College of Education

Students in Lander’s College of Education flex their minds and muscles as professional educators in the classroom, physiology labs and the recreational arena. Meanwhile, psychology majors strengthen their skills by investigating the complexities of the human psyche.

College of Science & Mathematics

The College of Science and Mathematics provides a range of opportunities for students to study in the areas of biology, chemistry, computer information systems, environmental science, engineering, and mathematics. Each program offers professional training at the undergraduate level to serve as a foundation for students to pursue their interests.

School of Nursing

From perfecting their skills on state-of-the-art medical mannequins, to putting their talents to work in regional hospitals, medical offices, health care centers and other facilities, Lander’s nursing students’ experiences prepare them intellectually and clinically for successful nursing careers.

Honors College

Lander’s Honors College challenges students to learn not just in the classroom, but beyond. Honors students select a “breakaway” experience that fits their lives, interests and career goals, and gives them an edge for graduate school or career searches.

Graduate Studies

Looking for a unique graduate experience? Lander’s master’s programs in Montessori Education, Nursing-Clinical Nurse Leader, and Teaching and Learning are helping fill the need for well-trained professionals in specialized, high-demand fields.