Lander's Office of Student Activities offers plenty of options when it comes to having fun and forming friendships on campus that last a lifetime. What happens outside of the classroom is an important part of a well-rounded university experience.

Club Sports Organizations

Sport clubs are growing on all college campuses these days and Lander is no exception. The main purpose of sport clubs is to give students a chance to play in a highly competitive arena, but without the time commitment of a varsity program.

It seems to be the perfect balance for many college students because they still get to compete at a high level and have a full college social and academic life as well.

Honor Societies

Honor societies are academic organizations that recognize academic excellence in specific disciplines. With varying service and GPA requirements for membership in each organization, students may be invited to join an honor society after expressing interest in the subject and excelling in and out of the classroom. Members may also receive special recognition from their respective honor society upon graduation.

Religious Organizations

Joining a campus ministry or religious organization can provide you with fun activities, a sense of community, and a spiritual education. Each campus ministry is a registered campus organization, guided by a club advisor, with regularly scheduled meetings and activities throughout the year.

Performance Ensembles

The Department of Music's large and small ensembles are filled with talented students from all walks of life at Lander. The ensembles present concerts regularly on campus each semester and participate in an annual themed Collage Concert involving rapid-fire performances by the entire department. University ensembles also embark on spring tours to showcase Lander’s musical talents and to recruit quality student musicians at regional high schools.

Larger Ensembles:

Smaller Ensembles: