Pediatric ExamLander students are eligible to apply for academic scholarships, work-study jobs and loans through the Office of Financial Aid. The Department of Nursing also offers several scholarships that are made available to students through the gifts and generosity of faculty, staff and friends of Lander University.

For general university or state scholarship information, visit Lander's Office of Financial Aid. Note: Some scholarships are renewable and may not be available on an annual basis.

Nursing majors have additional expenses beyond standard tuition and fees, such as examination fees, tort and professional liability insurance, travel to and from health centers, and uniforms. However, our nursing students often offset some of these costs with academic and departmental scholarships and awards, which are offered through the Department of Nursing and the Office of Financial Aid.

In recent years, Lander students have annually received more than $12 million in grants and scholarships from federal, state and institutional funds. In addition, more than 400 students find employment in on-campus jobs each year.

Application Process

To be considered for nursing scholarships, prenursing and nursing majors must complete an application form and return it with an attached current university transcript to the Department of Nursing Chair’s office by March 31 of each year.

Scholarship awards are determined in late spring by the nursing faculty in accord with scholarship donor specifications. Upon completion of the required paperwork from the Financial Aid Office, scholarship awards will be applied to the recipient’s education expenses for the succeeding academic year.

The William Preston Turner Department of Nursing offers the following scholarships to students majoring in nursing.

Scholarships Include:

  • Ruth Childress "Monk" Buchanan Nursing Scholarship – Established in 1993 in memory of Ruth Childress "Monk" Buchanan" by her family.
    • Nursing student who has completed junior year (scholarship awarded senior year)
    • Ranked top half of class
    • Very client/patient-oriented with outgoing personality
    • Demonstrates outstanding clinical nursing skills
    • Evidence of strong commitment to the nursing profession
  • Nahn Joo Chang Nursing Scholarship – Established in 2000 by Professor Nahn Chang to support students who are preparing for a career in nursing.
    • Awarded annually to an entering freshman who meets the criteria for "Prenursing"
    • SAT score 1000 or above or other equivalent standardized test score
    • Record of citizenship, as evidenced by active participation in extracurricular activities and civic organizations
    • The recipient will be selected following completion of at least 12 hours of earned academic credit with a Lander institutional grade point average of 2.6 or above and continuation of prenursing status
  • Nancy Saxon Clark Nursing Scholarship – Established in memory of Nancy S. Clark, Class of 1956, to provide nursing scholarships from fund income.
    • Junior nursing student
    • Ranked top quarter of class
  • Annie Laurie Crawford Memorial Scholarship – Established in 1995 with funds from the estate of Annie Laurie Crawford.
    • Senior nursing student
    • Lander institutional GPA of at least 3.0
    • Received a percentile score of 75 or better on the NLN Mental
    • Health Nursing Exam in NURS 393
    • Demonstrate above-average therapeutic communication skills
  • Bob and Helen Eisenbeck Nursing Scholarship – Established in 1989 in memory of Bob and Helen Eisenbeck.
    • Lower-division classification
    • Financial need
    • Demonstrates academic success
  • American Legion Forty & Eight - Greenwood Unit – Given by LaSociete des 40 Hommes et 8 Chevaux, Voiture 435 of Greenwood.
    • Preference is given to Greenwood or Laurens County resident
    • Agree to accept employment in Greenwood or Laurens County for a period of one year after graduation
  • American Legion Forty & Eight - Newberry Unit – The American Legion Newberry Unit sponsors a nursing student each year. These scholarships are renewable up to four years providing the recipient meets progression requirements for the Department of Nursing. The organization retains the right to nominate and select recipients and will notify the Department of Nursing if they do so.
    • Newberry County resident (graduated from Whitmire, Newberry or Mid-Carolina High Department)
    • Sophomore status in the nursing major with automatic renewal based on meeting Department of Nursing progression requirements
  • Fifty Years in Nursing Scholarship – In honor of Lander's Fifty Years of Excellence in Nursing Education, the Nursing Faculty has established the Fifty Year Nursing Scholarship to honor the Lander Nurses of 1957-2007
    • Awarded to a junior or senior nursing major
    • Recipient must exhibit the potential to enter the nursing profession as a registered nurse
    • Needs financial assistance with education expenses (but need not necessarily qualify for financial aid through the university)
  • Larry and Barbara Jackson Nursing Scholarship – Established in 2007 by Usha Menon, Ph.D. R.N., class of 1992, in honor of Larry and Barbara Jackson.
    • Awarded on merit
  • Lander Alumni Scholarship – Established in 1992 by the nursing faculty to recognize and support professional development through B.S.N. degree completion.
    • Freshman
    • Financial need
    • Lander Institutional GPR 2.6 or predicted 2.6
    • Less than 30 hours earned
  • Lander Nursing Alumni Scholarship – Lander University Alumni Association provides a renewable scholarship for the recipient’s entire college career as long as the recipient maintains a Lander institutional GPR or 2.6.
    • Licensed registered nurse
    • Graduate of Lander College ADN or NLN accredited ADN/diploma program
    • Has demonstrated significant progress toward completion of Lander B.S.N.
  • Agnes M. Luddy Nursing Scholarship – Established by friends, alumni and colleagues upon her retirement in 1984.
    • Senior nursing student demonstrating an above-average clinical performance as compared with peers in orthopedic rehabilitative or geriatric nursing
    • Minimum Lander institutional GPR of 3.0
    • Evidence of strong commitment to the nursing profession
  • MacDonald Luddy Memorial Scholarship – Established in 1985 to honor the profession and practice of community health nursing
    • Senior nursing student
    • Lander institutional cumulative GPR not less than 2.80
    • Active participation in the LUSNA
    • Demonstrates an interest in community health or Returning Community Health R.N. Lander institutional cumulative GPR not less than 2.80
    • Active member of the ANA
  • Orvy and Jessie May Scholarship – Established in 1990 in memory of Orvy and Jessie May by their family members and friends.
    • Entering freshmen
    • Renewable provided recipients maintain a Lander institutional 2.6 GPA
    • Selected on merit, need and citizenship
  • Professional Medical Products Scholarship – Established in 1984 by Professional Medical Products of Greenwood
    • Registered Nurse or generic student in the upper division
    • Greenwood County resident
    • Minimum Lander Institutional cumulative GPR of 3.0
  • Nell Perry Squires Scholarship – Established in 2000 by William H. Squires in honor of his wife, Nell Perry Squires, who taught in Lander’s School of Nursing.
    • South Carolina resident
    • Lander institutional cumulative GPR of 3.0
    • Renewable by maintaining Lander institutional GPR of 3.0
  • Pilot Club Scholarship – Established in 2005 by the Pilot Club of Greenwood.
    • Junior or senior nursing student
    • Lander institutional GPA 3.0 or above
    • Interested in brain disorder (neuro, psych, stroke, cancer)
    • Renewable by maintaining 3.0 or above
  • Kimberly Lauren Trotter Memorial Scholarship – Established in 1997 by her parents.
    • Junior or senior nursing major
    • Lander snstitutional cumulative GPA of 2.6 or higher
    • Interest in Cardiac/Intensive Critical Care or Emergency Nursing*
      *Preferred criterion; scholarship may be awarded by faculty discretion if no candidate demonstrates this professional interest.
  • Buddy and June Vanadore Nursing Scholarship – Established in 2005 by June Vanadore.
    •  Junior nursing student
    • Lander institutional GPA 2.6 or above
    • Prefer LUSNA member
  • Bessie Kate Edwards Young Scholarship – Established in 2002 by Bruce Young in memory of Bessie Kate Edwards Young.
    • RN-BSN student or generic student
    • Preference given to student employed in a geriatric nursing position
    • Enrolled in one required NURS or NURN course
  • David E. & Joyce H. Hyde Nursing Scholarship – Established in 2006 by David and Joyce Hyde in observance of their 55th wedding anniversary. The Hydes chose nursing as the focus area for their scholarship because nursing is an area of critical need and also because nursing care has a direct and close relationship to people with special needs, another area of particular interest to the donors.
    • Full-time Lander nursing student having the greatest financial need
    • Renewable provided recipient remains a full-time student and maintains a 2.7 GPA
  • Larry Middleton and Eric Puckett – Established in 2008 by Eric L. Puckett and Larry Middleton, Sr., Lander nursing students who graduated in December 2008. Eric and Larry hope that establishing this scholarship will encourage more male students to pursue nursing careers at Lander University. The candidate chosen for this scholarship should possess and radiate a genuine passion for caring for ill patients and patients’ families. The recipient should be respectful and courteous to the nursing faculty and to his fellow peers. This is an annual award to a full-time junior or senior male nursing student. Scholarship is renewable provided recipient remains a full-time student and maintains a minimum GPR requirement established by the Lander Department of Nursing.
  • Sigma Theta Tau International Honor Society Award
    • Junior or senior student
    • GPR of 3.0 or above
    • Demonstrates superior scholastic achievement evidence of professional potential, and/or marked achievement in the field of nursing
    • The candidate should exemplify the ideals of the Mu Zeta Chapter in accordance with the Sigma Theta Tau standards
  • Meghan Diane Hawley Scholarship - Meghan Diane Hawley was born in Fulda, Germany on May 8th, 1987 while her father was serving in the U.S. Army. After graduating from Calhoun Academy in St. Matthews, SC in May, 2005, she entered the School of Nursing at Lander University. During February of her Junior year, she was diagnosed with a malignant glioblastoma brain tumor. Meghan had successful surgery, chemotherapy and radiation at Duke University Hospital and continued oral chemotherapy treatment upon her return to school. Meghan returned to Lander and graduated in December, 2009 as a member of Sigma Theta Tau, after missing only one semester of school. Meghan was given the Professional Development Award by the Nursing Faculty at Pinning because of her dedication and success to the profession of nursing while exhibiting the strength to overcome her circumstances. This scholarship is offered to the nursing student who best exemplifies the dedication, determination and courage displayed by Meghan throughout her time at Lander and who returns to school after a medical leave of absence and requires financial assistance.
  • Dr. Leslie MacTaggart Myers Scholarship - The Dr. Leslie MacTaggart Myers Nursing Scholarship was established and funded by Jessica Suber Hall, a 2010 nursing graduate of Lander University, in honor of nursing professor, Dr. Leslie MacTaggart Myers. Jessica was a recipient of multiple funded scholarships and wanted to give back to a school, department, and professor that had given her so much. She says, "This scholarship is named for Dr. Myers because of the difference she made in my life. She was my advisor, mentor, role model, and friend. She is an inspiration to all her students, and it is and honor to establish this scholarship in her name." Scholarship to be awarded to a Senior Nursing student with a desire to pursue graduate studies (must have been accepted and willing to attend graduate school). The student must be active in Lander University Student Nurses Association.
  • Enid Benjamin Nursing Scholarship - Established in 2010 from the Estate of Enid Barnes Benjamin in her name and the name of her mother, Henrietta Pickell Barnes who was a nursing professional.
    • Awarded to an upperclassman in the program
    • Greenwood County resident
    • Minimum 3.0 GPA
    • Merit and need based
    • An excellent citizen
  • William K. and Lula L. Bosserman Nursing Scholarship - Established in 2012 from an estate gift to The Lander Foundation from William Karhl Bosserman estate. Scholarship to be awarded annually from fund income to deserving students majoring in nursing.
  • Betty Cervenka Nursing Scholarship - Preference given to a nursing student who is a mother, works outside the home, and goes to school who meets all the scholarship criteria. However, if a working mother is not eligible, the nursing faculty is to select a traditional or nontraditional student according to the additional criteria for the scholarship.
    • South Carolina resident.
    • Dynamic, strong, committed nursing student with a GPA of 3.0 or greater.
    • Interest in Critical Care Nursing, Enterstomal/ Wound Care Nursing, or plans to attend graduate school in nursing.
    • Given to a pre-licensure student admitted to the nursing program, an RN to BSN student, or a graduate MSN student.
  • Sylvia Brooks Grubb Nursing Scholarship - As a Lander student, Sylvia Grubb received a scholarship from the Self Foundation. She is from the Lander Nursing School Class of 1959, first class to graduate. Sylvia spent most of her career as a school nurse and coordinator of health services for Richland School District I. She credits Lander University with helping prepare her for a wonderful career as a nurse. She is grateful to the Self Foundation for her scholarship, and hopes that her endowed scholarship will benefit Lander students for years to come. Scholarship to be given to a student showing financial need.
  • Mickey McDowell Nursing Scholarship - Established in 2007. Scholarship to be awarded to a student who demonstrates outstanding ability to use the Neuman Systems Model in providing evidence-based care and potential for pursuing doctoral education in nursing or expresses an interest in conducting nursing research.
    • Preference given to student interested in becoming a nurse educator
    • A first or second semester senior nursing student
    • Lander Institutional GPA of at least 3.0.
  • Spring Nursing Class of 2012- Bernice Daugherty Honorary Scholarship - Established in April 2012 by the nursing graduating class in honor of Professor Bernice Daugherty upon her retirement. The scholarship will be awarded in the fall of each academic year.
    • Senior II nursing student
    • GPA of at least 3.0
    • Active involvement in one or more of the following: LUSNA, nursing department committees, extracurricular activities, community/volunteer activities.
  • Spring Nursing Class of 2012- David Melson Memorial Scholarship - Established in April 2012 by the nursing graduating class in Memory of Dr. David Melson, microbiology professor. The scholarship will be awarded in the spring of each academic year.
    • Senior II nursing student
    • A GPA of at least 3.0.
    • Active involvement in one or more of the following: LUSNA, nursing department committees, extracurricular activities, community/volunteer activities.
  • Daisy Stewart Nursing Scholarship - Established in December 2012 by the December 2012 nursing graduates.
    • Entering second semester junior year or first semester senior year in Lander's BSN program.
    • Active involvement in one or more of the following: LUSNA, nursing department committees, extracurricular activities, community/volunteer activities.
    • Demonstrate excellence in clinical practice.
  • Spring Nursing Class of 2013- Kathy Lee Scholarship - Established by the spring 2013 Nursing graduating class.
    • Senior II nursing student
    • Non-traditional student
    • Involved in extracurricular activities.
    • Demonstrates exemplary clinical practice
  • Fall Nursing Class of 2013 Gagnon-Ready Memorial Scholarship - The December 2013 nursing class established the Gagnon-Ready Memorial Nursing Scholarship in memory of parents of two of the class members. Terri Gagnon, the mother of Anna Gagnon, and Larry Ready, the father of Lawren Ready, lost their battles with cancer prior to their daughter's college graduations. The scholarship will be awarded annually to a student who has extenuating circumstances resulting in financial need and must have been accepted into the nursing program.
  • Ida Lou Ashley Milling Nursing Scholarship – Established in October 2015 by Ashley and Roe Milling in memory of his mother, Ida Lou Ashley Milling. Mrs. Milling’s son was a graduate of the class of 1979.


    • Student from Greenwood, Anderson or Greenville counties
    • First priority given to a single mother (unwed, divorced or widowed)
    • Priority given to student with financial need.
    • May be awarded to undergraduate or nursing student in the Masters program
    • Renewable provided the student maintains a 3.0 GPA
  • Willie B. Garrick Nursing Scholarship – Established in May 2015 by Lander alumna Tasha Garrick, class of 1996, in honor of her father Willie B. Garrick who made it possible for her to attend Lander and obtain her nursing degree.


    • Awarded to an in-state minority, Freshman student (not a transfer student).
    • Renewable provided student remains a nursing major and maintains a 3.0 GPA
  • Ashley and Roe Milling Nursing Scholarship – Established in October 2015 by Roe Milling in memory of her Mother-In-Law Lou Milling and her husband Ashley Milling ’79.


    • Student from Greenwood, Anderson or Greenville counties
    • First priority given to a single mother (unwed, divorced or widowed)
    • Priority given to student with financial need
    • May be awarded to undergraduate or nursing student in the Masters program
    • Renewable provided the student maintains a 3.0 GPA
  • Spring Nursing Class of 2014 – Perseverance in Nursing Scholarship – Established in May 2014 by the nursing graduation class in recognition of the determination and perseverance of students in working toward their goal attainment of completing their BSN in spite of difficulties, barriers or extenuation circumstances.


    • Awarded to a rising Senior I or Senior II with financial need
    • Student must document extenuation circumstances that contribute to need on the School of Nursing Scholarship application
    • Awarded to a student who has persevered in completing school when faced with difficult circumstances whether financial, social or emotional
  • Nursing F14 – The Jenny Chapman Scholarship – Established by the December 2014 senior nursing class in memory of Jenny Chapman Collins, sister of Valerie Chapman, a member of the class. Jenny passed away during the class’s senior year in nursing. The class wanted to honor the hard work and dedication to the nursing profession that their classmate showed through this difficult time with a scholarship in memory of her sister.


    • Awarded to a senior nursing student
    • Student shows dedication to their nursing education
    • Demonstrated the most improvement while progressing through the program
  • Nursing S15 – The Rebecca Cox-Davenport Scholarship – Established by the May 2015 senior nursing class in honor of Rebecca Cox-Davenport.


    • Awarded to a senior I or Senior II nursing student
    • Member of LUSNA or active in community activities
    • Demonstrates excellent clinical practice
  • Nursing F15 – Holisa Wharton Scholarship – Established by the December 2015 nursing class to honor Dr. Wharton for her educational accomplishments as a first-generation college student. She is recognized by the class as a role model to all students.
    • Awarded to a senior II, but may be awarded to a Senior I who demonstrates excellent clinical practice.
    • Student must be a first generation college student
  • Seaborn Family Nursing Scholarship – Established in 2015 by Christ ’00 and Misty Seaborn ’00.
    • To be determined by the Nursing Department

Scholarships Awarded at the Recognition Ceremony Include:

  • Lydia Woodham Parrish Nursing Scholarship - Established in 2003 by Lydia W. Parrish, upon her retirement as director of the RN-BSN Completion Option and from the School of Nursing.
    • RN-BSN graduating student
    • Demonstrates potential for graduate study in nursing
    • Selection of the scholarship recipient will be made annually by the faculty of the Department of Nursing.
  • Janet Askew Sipple Nursing Scholarship – Established by the Nursing Class of 1978 in honor of the chairperson of the Division of Nursing.
    • Member of graduating senior class
    • Lander institutional cumulative GPA of 3.0.
    • Demonstrates potential for graduate study in nursing
    • Career goals in nursing consistent with graduate preparation
    • The graduate must enroll in an NLN accredited graduate nursing program