Athletic Scholarships
Athletic awards are available in all intercollegiate sports at Lander. Students may receive up to full-tuition/room/board in athletic grants-in-aid. Eligibility requirements include athletic talent, academic status, physical condition, and NCAA Division II eligibility. To learn more about athletic scholarships/grants-in-aid, students should contact the Office of Athletics (864-388-8314).

Departmental Scholarships
Scholarships are awarded annually by the each department, based on the annual availability of funds, the donors criteria and the selection process of each department. Interested students should contact their academic department early each spring semester for additional information.

Institutional Merit-Based Scholarships
Lander University provides a limited number of merit-based scholarships each year to entering freshmen and transfer students. Awards are based on merit and are dependent upon available funding. The University will determine the merit criteria and the number of scholarships to be awarded annually.

Outside Scholarships
Private resource options for financial assistance.  Students are required to report the receipt of any "outside" scholarships to the Financial Aid Office.