Sports InjuryLander students are eligible to apply for academic scholarships, work-study jobs and loans through the Office of Financial Aid. The Department of Physical Education and Exercise Studies also offers several scholarships, including scholarships for freshmen and transfer students.

Departmental scholarships are made available to students majoring in exercise science and physical education through the gifts and generosity of faculty, staff and friends of Lander University.

For general university or state scholarship information visit Lander's Office of Financial Aid. Note: Some scholarships are renewable and may not be available on an annual basis.

Application Process

For information regarding scholarships within the PEES Department, contact Dr. Gina Barton. Department scholarships are awarded to students who have been in the program for at least one year. Scholarships are based on academic performance and involvement in Department-sponsored activities.

Scholarships Include:

  • Joe V. Chandler Scholarship – awarded to a full-time Lander University student(s) majoring in either physical education or exercise studies who has completed at least 24 semester hours at Lander, with a 2.5 or higher GPR. Selection will be made by the physical education and exercise studies faculty based on commitment to academic excellence, leadership potential, personal example of a healthy lifestyle, and involvement in professional development activities. Preference will be given to "first generation college students." The scholarship is renewable provided the recipient(s) remains a full-time student majoring in physical education or exercise studies and maintains a 2.5 GPR.
  • Jean Irwin Smith Scholarship – awarded to a junior or senior female student actively involved in sports participation at Lander University. This participation may be as a physical education major, cheerleader or as a member of one or more of the intercollegiate or intramural teams. Students must have an acceptable academic average, exhibit qualities of leadership, sportsmanship and citizenship, and be able to work well with people.
  • Alice Smith Spencer Scholarship – awarded each year from fund income to students majoring in physical education.
  • Luanne Wentzky Scholarship – awarded to students majoring in physical education/exercise studies.
  • Alumni Divisional Scholarship – The Lander University Alumni Association provides ten $700 scholarships each year for students with academic ability and financial need. The scholarship follows the student through his/her entire college career. The association also gives an athletic scholarship each year.