The Department of Student Activities' purpose is to create a robust student experience beginning at orientation and extending throughout an individual’s time at Lander University.



Our mission is to foster a consistent environment of student engagement at Lander University centered around leadership, civility, inclusivity, accountability, and civic engagement.



  • Civility
    We work to foster community where students can work together to resolve conflict, have difficult conversations, and grow through civil discourse.
  • Leadership
    We strive to educate current and future student leaders so that they can effectively manage conflict, empower others, communicate, and achieve their desired goals.
  • Inclusivity
    We value organizations where members engage in respectful dialogue and celebrate individual perspectives and experiences. We strive to create atmospheres where individual identities are honored and included.
  • Accountability
    We hold students and organizations accountable for their actions, words, and distributed materials. We encourage students to hold themselves and their organizations accountable to the highest standards of conduct at Lander University.
  • Civic Engagement
    We believe in broadening the educational experience through active civic engagement in the Lander University and Greenwood area.



  • Engage students in extracurricular activities to gain employable skills and experiences.
  • Encourage respectful conversations from diverse perspectives.
  • Foster an environment of service to others and the campus community at large.
  • Further a sense of community amongst Lander University students.
  • Promote leadership development through curricular and extracurricular opportunities.
  • Optimize experiences for student to student connections
  • Recognize and award outstanding student achievement