student leadersLeadership Development 

We strive to educate current and future student leaders so that they can effectively manage conflict, empower others, communicate, and achieve their desired goals.

We are planning a several leadership opportunities for students throughout the academic year. Please check back periodically regarding the updated events.


Student Organization Summit

Our SOS will be Thursday, September 17 beginning at 4:00 pm. Our presenter and keynote will be given by Brittany Sherell. Brittany is a corporate leadership trainer, coach, and author. Check out her webpage for more information

This session is open to all Lander students and is completely virtual. All student organizations must send at least ONE student representative to this session.

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Leadership Conference

At Lander, we do a phenomenal job developing leaders to do amazing things for their communities. True leadership is about developing a VISION, celebrating the GROWTH, which in turn influences IMPACT. Join us as we continue to revision our position as leaders and “Learn how to Lander.” 


Civic Engagement

The Department of Student Activities at Lander University believes that the involvement of students in civic engagement is essential not just in enhancing their college experience but in developing skills that can be translated into the workforce. One of our values and objectives as a department is to form students into community leaders. At Lander University, students can be involved with the community through student organizations, community events, and individual acts of service. 


Lander University Volunteers

The Lander University Volunteers is a university sponsored student organization devoted to serving the community. This organization organizes “Service Saturday” events as well as serves as volunteers for regular campus events. More information coming soon. Contact Emily Weeks at for questions.