All Lander students, faculty and staff members including student clubs, organizations and any "group" or "team" which is formed solely for the purpose of competing in a Homecoming activity.

Homecoming Week 2019 (Feb 4-9)

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Alumni can get connected to classmates by visiting the Office of Alumni Affairs for a list of activities.

Whether you decide to form a team to compete, or simply observe the happenings, it's a great time to be a Bearcat! Activities listed below are open to students/faculty/staff. Everyone is invited to come out to watch these lively competitions & cheer them on in their quest to win points!



Scenes from 2018

Banner Competition 

Banner RevealTeams showed their Lander pride by promoting the homecoming game with creative banners to cheer the Bearcats on to victory.

Banner Reveal photos



Chandler Soapbox Race & Parade

2018 Soapbox RaceThe competition was fierce, but the teams had a blast in the annual Soapbox Race.

Soapbox Race photos



Human Cannon Ball

Human Cannon BallBowling has never been this fun! Teams got to "be the ball" with life size bowling pins as they went for the win.

Human Cannon Ball photos


“Send in the Clowns” Checker Tournament

Send in the Clowns CheckersThis was not your grandfather's checkers! Think "Wizard's Chess" with clowns being the checkers and you've got an idea of what was going on.

"Send in the Clowns" Checkers photos


“Stars of the Ring” Toss 

Ring TossThe basketball games were filled with Spirit and the Human Ring Toss.

Spirit Night/Ring Toss photos



“The Big Show” Featuring the Jake Bartley Band

The Jake Bartley Band

Good food and great music provided by The Jake Bartley Band.

"The Big Show" photos


“Cirque Du’el”

Field DayLander students took to the field in a variety of competitions with lots of laughter.

"Cirque Du'el" photos



Race for Excellence 5K Fun Run/Walk

Coordinated by the Office of Alumni Affairs

Race for ExcellenceDespite the rain, runners came for the Race for Excellence, benefiting the Lander Excellence Fund.




“The Big Attraction!” 

Bearcat CupHomecoming came to an end with Tailgating, the naming of the Homecoming King and Queen, and the announcement of the winners of the Bearcat Cup. Congratulations Noah Hayes, 2018 Homecoming King, and Savannah Jo Reinhardt, 2018 Homecoming Queen.


Tailgating photos

Bearcat Cup Winners photos

King and Queen photos

Homecoming Game photos