Campus Activities Board (CAB) hosts events that provide fun and entertaining programs to the students of Lander University. Some of the events include, Movie nights, DIY’s, Concerts, Tie-Dye, Game Nights, Virtual Reality, and so much more.

CAB is built up of the following 7 executive board members: President, Vice President, Secretary, VP of Marketing and PR, VP of Day Events, VP of Night Events, and VP of Cultural Events and Education. If you are interested in being part of the CAB executive board, applications will go out in March.

CAB will have Volunteers made up of students willing to volunteer at CAB events. They will be notified by the Secretary of CAB to inform them of a volunteer opportunity. With enough hours, volunteers can receive gear. CAB Volunteers will check in with the secretary of CAB at each event so their hours can be counted. If you are interested in being a CAB Volunteer (Cabbie), please fill out the following form.


Club President:

Aaron Groomes

Club Vice President:

Carley Muilenburg


Club Advisor:

Nadia Crawford


Social Media:

Instagram: @landercab