The EYE Program is an experiential learning program at Lander University designed to provide students with the opportunity to use academic knowledge to address real world challenges in an authentic context. The program includes internships, co-ops, service learning, course-embedded projects, and study abroad experiences. Earning EYE Program credit is a great way to show a potential employer that you have real world skills and experience that may make you more competitive in the job market.

Please Note: EYE credit is not a graduation requirement and does not affect a student’s degree requirements for graduation. Students earning 120 EYE credits during their degree program will receive the "Golden EYE" award at graduation.


Golden EYE Award

Students in the EYE Program earn credit for each activity completed. Students accumulating 120 EYE credits by graduation are eligible for an award, the Golden EYE Award. Lander University has chosen the Egyptian symbol, the Eye of Horus to symbolize the EYE Program. The Eye of Horus which represents smell, sight, thought, hearing, taste, and touch, was selected because it encompasses the different senses that make up the whole individual. The symbol conveys the wide range of experiences that result from experiential learning and aid in the creation of a well-rounded student. The Golden EYE Award includes a special notation in the graduation program and a lapel pin featuring the Eye of Horus.