Because We CARE…

The CARE Team is a group of campus officials that meet weekly to discuss individuals of concern. Each CARE Team member brings their own unique perspective and expertise to the table. The Team works collectively to determine how they can best support individuals that may be struggling emotionally, socially, or otherwise. The purpose of the Team is to be proactive as opposed to reactive. The Team strives to educate, advocate, and collaborate with individuals to ensure their success. Ultimately, CARE desires to connect individuals in need with the appropriate resources to help them along their journey.

The CARE Team enables individuals to express concern about a person, incident, or issue by submitting a Welfare Concern/CARE Report. Reports may also be made via email ( or by calling 864-388-8241. Making a referral or submitting a report initiates a review process and/or coordinated response involving the appropriate individuals, staff, and offices. CARE referral information is shared with the Team along with any information available from Team members' respective offices.

If you are concerned for yourself or any member of the campus community, please submit a referral to bring this matter to the CARE Team’s attention.




CARE referrals do not act as a crisis response system. Please contact the Lander University Police Department at 864-388-8222 if a member of the campus community is in crisis and in need of immediate support. Examples of crises include:

  • An individual discloses that they are actively suicidal.
  • An individual discloses that they are homicidal or may cause harm to someone else.
  • An individual is in pain and needs assistance immediately.
  • An individual has experienced a loss of contact with reality.
  • Any situation in which you believe it would be in one’s best interest to have someone respond immediately.


Relevant Policies


Other Reporting Tools

Depending upon the unique situation, there may be another reporting option that better suits the circumstances of the report. Alternative reporting tools are referenced below.