Sean Barnette Portrait

Sean M. Barnette

  • Professor of English, Department of English & Foreign Languages
  • Faculty, College of Arts & Humanities
LC 325 Carnell Learning Center

Ph.D., University of Tennessee (2011)

M.A., University of South Carolina (2002)

B.M., University of South Carolina (2000)



  • Rhetoric of Inquiry. Bedford/St. Martin's Custom. (2011: 433)


  • Hospitality as Kenosis: Dorothy Day's Voluntary Poverty. Women's Ethos: Intersections of Rhetorics and Feminisms. (2012)


  • Review of Agency in the Age of Peer Production in Teaching English in the Two-Year College. (2013)
  • Sticking Your Nose In: Positioning Yourself in Academic Writing in Writing Commons. (2013)
  • Promoting Generosity in Whole-Class Writing Workshops. Student Success in Writing. Savannah, Georgia. (2014)
  • Institutionalizing Experiential Learning through a Campus-Wide Approach. National Society for Experiential Education. St. Pete Beach, Florida. (2013)
  • Interdepartmental Collaboration on Rubric Design: Teaching Business Faculty How to Fish. North Carolina Symposium on Teaching Writing. Raleigh, North Carolina. (2013)
  • Teaching Writing with Academically Adrift. Writing Program Administrators Conference. Savannah, Georgia. (2013)
  • Whole-Class Writing Workshops: Teaching Students to Read and Revise. Student Success in Writing. Savannah, Georgia. (2013)
  • Hospitality and 'Real Presences': Dorothy Day's Pacifist Conversion. Rhetoric Society of America. Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. (May, 2012)
  • Cultivating an Attitude of Generosity in FYC Writing Workshops. Research Network Forum at the CCCC. St. Louis, Missouri. (2012)
  • Hospitality and Composition: Lessons from the Catholic Worker Movement. College English Association Annual Conference. Richmond, Virginia. (2012)
  • Interns in FYC: Promises and Pitfalls. Writing Program Administrators Conference. Baton Rouge, Louisiana. (2011)