Lessons from November: Who voted, who didn’t, and why does it matter?
February 8, 2021 5:30 p.m. Virtual FALS Event

A live, virtual seminar with political scientists Dr. Amy E. Black of Wheaton College and Dr. Quentin Kidd of Christopher Newport University. Black is author of Honoring God in Red or Blue and Beyond Left and Right. Kidd has provided expert testimony to courts examining states’ re-districting plans and is co-author of The Rational Southerner: Black Mobilization, Republican Growth, and the Partisan Transformation of the American South. Topics include voting rights, voter access, and voter suppression as well as re-districting in the past and going forward with Census 2020.

This event is part of the SC Humanities Electoral Initiative and is funded by the “Why it Matters: Civic and Electoral Participation” initiative, administered by the Federation of State Humanities Councils and funded by The Andrew W. Mellon Foundation. Learn more at https://schumanities.org/electoral-initiative/.

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Students seeking FALS credit must provide a valid Lander ID when attending this event.  
Faculty Sponsor: Lucas McMillan