Race and Identity Dialogue: The Story of Dr. Benjamin E. Mays
February 4, 2021 5:30 p.m. Virtual FALS Event

RID GraphicThis session focuses upon the leadership of Dr. Mays, a Greenwood County native who was an educator and long-time civil rights activist.  It invites participants to reflect on the story and wisdom of Dr. Mays and the most prominent leader he mentored, Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.  Special emphasis is given to their teachings on community building.  This session showcases the importance of studying history as a blueprint for learning about social change.  It invites participants to visit the Mays Historical Preservation Site in Greenwood to learn more about Dr. Mays and his work.



  • Rev. Chris Thomas, director of the GLEAMNS Dr. Benjamin E. Mays Historical Preservation Site
  • Dr. Kevin Witherspoon, Dr. Benjamin E. Mays Endowed Chair and Professor of History, Lander University

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Students seeking FALS credit must provide a valid Lander ID when attending this event.  
Faculty Sponsor: Alexis Carter Thomas