Race and Identity Dialogue: Prejudice, Privilege, and Power
January 21, 2021 5:30 p.m. Virtual FALS Event

RID graphicThis outlines the Race and Identity Dialogue series and explains how participants can build knowledge, awareness, attitude, and skills toward cultural competence and why this is important given continued racism in society. The session builds skills for self-reflection and storytelling and asks participants to complete an “identity web” that shows the layers of identity that we, as individuals, see in ourselves and in others.  The second part of the presentation explains explicit and implicit racism, overcoming prejudice, and explains the concept of privilege—how it blinds its bearers from fully understanding the lived experiences of persons in marginalized groups. The session encourages further analysis about social stratification today.



  • Dr. Shaunette Parker, Visiting Lecturer of Psychology, Lander University
  • Dr. Zach Rubin, Assistant Professor of Sociology at Lander University
  • Rev. Alexis Carter Thomas, Part-time Faculty in Religion, Lander University




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Students seeking FALS credit must provide a valid Lander ID when attending this event.  
Faculty Sponsor: Alexis Carter Thomas