Lander students get preview of study abroad experience
Friday, Oct 30, 2009
students interested in study abroad
Lander University students interested in study abroad opportunities learned more about Lander's partnership with the University of Winchester, located in southern England, during information sessions Oct. 7-8. Pictured, from left, at one of the sessions are: Dr. Roger Richardson, professor emeritus at the University of Winchester; Rhia Macklin of Ridgeway; Holly Mintz of Charleston; Cameron Dorn of Ware Shoals; and John Moore, Lander associate professor of philosophy and director of Lander's Honors International Program. Mintz and Dorn have already studied in Winchester and were on hand to tell students about the experience.

Lander University's liaison at the University of Winchester, Dr. Roger Richardson, was on campus recently to inform students of opportunities to study abroad at his university in southern England. He conducted a series of short information sessions in classrooms, delivered a talk, which was open to all students, and hosted a short information session for students interested in graduate study at the University of Winchester.

At Richardson's open session he explained that there has never been a better time than right now to study abroad. "The U.S. dollar is stronger than it has been in years," he said.

Richardson added that Lander students studying at Winchester would receive a scholarship from the university in addition to a $1,000 Presidential Stipend that many Lander students receive for studying abroad. Richardson explained that with the scholarship assistance, Lander students who attend a semester at Winchester would spend approximately the same amount for their study abroad that they spend on tuition at Lander. Richardson also said that students' financial aid can still be used while studying abroad.

"In most cases the only thing students will pay for is books, airfare and other travel while at Winchester," said Richardson.

The University of Winchester has approximately 3,000 full-time and 2,500 part-time students. The university is located in Winchester, a small city approximately 65 miles from London.

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