Dr. Robert Klostermeyer leads Lander University’s new paralegal studies program
Wednesday, Oct 07, 2020

Robert KlostermeyerEarlier this year, Lander University announced its new Bachelor of Science in Paralegal Studies program. Billed as a “2+2” program, it is designed specifically for students who have already earned, or partially completed, an associate’s degree in paralegal studies. The program is also delivered in one of three ways: on Lander’s main campus in Greenwood, online, or at the University Center of Greenville.

The Bachelor of Science in Paralegal Studies is a fantastic addition to Lander’s educational portfolio, and Dr. Robert Klostermeyer, lecturer of legal studies who leads Lander’s paralegal program, is an equally valuable addition to the university’s faculty.

In addition to his education from the University of Florida College of Law, Klostermeyer brings with him many years of experience from working at other institutions. After graduating from law school in 1983, Klostermeyer began working at a boutique law firm in Stuart, Fla. In 1987, the young attorney found himself working in higher education, as a professional program director for the University of Missouri’s School of Law. It was in this position that Klostermeyer found a passion for education while continuing to practice full time as an attorney.

“Having maintained activity in the legal industry, I saw the evolution of paralegals,” said Klostermeyer, “from individuals holding no credentials to well-educated professionals holding degrees or certifications.” Many of his former students have gone on to study at prestigious law schools and are now leading successful careers as attorneys themselves. Klostermeyer says watching his students grow into successful legal professionals is the most rewarding part of working in higher education.

Lander University’s smaller class sizes make it easy to give students a personable, hands-on education. Klostermeyer is committed to providing this same experience to Lander’s paralegal studies students, whether their classes are face-to-face or online, hoping to make his students feel genuinely cared for and helping them flourish academically. He is confident that Lander’s paralegal studies program will have a lasting impact in the surrounding community and the state of South Carolina.