Issues of Diversity and Inclusion in Education Panel
February 27, 2020 4:30 p.m. Sproles Rec Center FALS Event

Lander's Black Student Union will again host its annual Minority Education Summit at Lander University for Black History Month. This year's summit, titled "Issues of Diversity and Inclusion in Education", will focus on issues that educators have exploring diversity and inclusion in the classroom. They will discuss how educators explore diversity and inclusion in the classroom, their role as a diverse teacher in their school system, and what institutional changes are needed to be made to the school system to promote diversity and inclusion. They will host administrators, counselors, and teachers from different disciplines and ares to discuss their own unique experiences with diversity in the classroom.

Students seeking FALS credit must provide a valid Lander ID when attending this event.  
Faculty Sponsor: Holisa Wharton