Academic Alerts 


Lander’s Academic Alert protocol is intended to serve as a timely intervention for students observed to be experiencing academic difficulty. Faculty referrals are important for early identification of students at academic risk.  Early identification of academically at risk students provides the best opportunity for successful intervention and affords students with the most options.

Faculty should outreach to students following the first class absence, this outreach should include:

  • Confirmation that student is okay, offer campus support resources:
  • Wellness Center – Health Services, Counseling Services, Disability Services *Hours: Monday-Friday 8am-5pm, Genesis Hall, 864-388-8885
  • Acknowledge the date class was missed;
  • A reminder of the course attendance policy (if applicable) and the importance of attending class (especially if there are unique aspects to your course that require attendance); and
  • Expectations for making up missed in-class assignments (if applicable)

The Academic Alert Form is specific to the following types of concerns:

  • Lack of In-Class Participation;
  • Failure to Submit Assignments;
  • Poor Test Scores;
  • Poor Homework/Quiz Scores;
  • Lacking Academic Background Needed for Course; and/or
  • Multiple Class Absences (more than one absence)
  • Recommendation for the Student to Withdraw from the Course - if student is unable to earn a passing grade and it is before the deadline for Individual Course Withdraw (Reference Individual Course Withdrawal Deadline).

Absenteeism may be indicative of other presenting concerns; therefore, faculty are encouraged to document any such observations. When other personal wellness issues are apparent, a Welfare Concern/CARE Report is to be completed.  Information included in Academic Alerts, as well as follow up are shared with Lander’s CARE Team to help ensure student needs are addressed from a holistic perspective.