Re-Thinking Education to Re-Shape the Future: An Address by Amb. (ret) D. Bruce Wharton
April 23, 2019 3:30-4:45 p.m. Carnell Learning Center LC 300 FALS Event

This event will feature a 30 min lecture by retired U.S. Ambassador Bruce Wharton as well as a 25-30 min discussion between Amb. Wharton, Lois Mufuka Martin '90 (an official with the Mufuka Foundation and other educational organizations), and Dr. Lucas McMillan. The remaining time will be a Q&A period with students.

Amb. Wharton's address will connect to the University's mission of education as a tool for a successful career and the need to be a lifelong learner. He will address the need to be adaptable in the global economy and will comment upon how education shapes individuals and societies, an important ingredient for developing democracies. His address and the later discussion can provide illustrations from his own career as a diplomat, but he and Ms. Mufuka will also help students understand why education must prepare students for a global workforce and why a liberal arts education is particularly valuable. (Amb. Wharton can share stories of new liberal arts institutions developing in Africa, for example.)

This talk would benefit students of any major, but the examples of a career diplomat would be of particular interest to students in POLS, HIST, SOCI, and those interested in international business.

Students seeking FALS credit must provide a valid Lander ID when attending this event.  
Faculty Sponsor: Lucas McMillan