William Ramsey

William Ramsey

  • Professor of History, Department of History & Philosophy
  • Faculty, College of Behavioral & Social Sciences
LC 375C Carnell Learning Center

Ph.D., Tulane University (1998)



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  • The Final Contest for the Debatable Land: Fort William and the Frontier Defenses of Colonial Georgia in Georgia Historical Quarterly. (1993)

PROCEEDINGS - Not Refereed (Full Paper)

  • You Say Yemassee, I Say Yamasee: Recasting the Early History of South Carolina in South Carolina Historical Association. (2011)


  • Poetry Reading. Blue Ridge Book Festival. USA, North Carolina. (April, 2016)
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  • Publication of Poem in The South Carolina Review (Other Creative Activities). April, South Carolina, 2014.
  • Publication of poem in Beloit Poetry Journal. (Other Creative Activities). April, Maine, 2014.