Homecoming Field Day Events
February 8, 2019 1:00 p.m. Genesis Lawn (rain location PEES Gym)

A variety of events happening throughout the afternoon (both time trials and tournament style). All events and minimum participants are briefly explained below.

  • Building the Egyptian Pyramids - Participants: 4 - team members will have 5 minutes to build the tallest pyramid out of the supplies given. 
  • Italian Meatball Catch - Participants: 2 - Team members will toss “meatballs” out of strainers into bowls placed in the distance to try to get as many in as possible. 
  • The Yukon Gold Rush - Participants: 7 – in a relay format, teams will run out and collect “gold” and return it to their bucket. The next person repeats the process until all gold is collected. 
  • Swedish People Pullers - Participants: 6-two teams line up at either end of the rope. One the signal to start, teams attempt to pull the rope until the middle flay is outside the lines. This will be a bracket style competition which will be announced at the event. 
  • Japan Sushi Spelling Bee - Participants: 5- A word will be announced to spell out. in a relay format, teams will run out and with tongs and attempt to find and pick up an item with the correct letter on it run back. They will then place the letter down in the correct order and hand off the tongs to the next team member. Teams should aim at finding and spelling the word out the fastest. 
  • Unpack from Vacation - Participants: 8 - Teams stand in a line and are given a suitcase filled with an outfit. The first team member must put on the full outfit then run to the next member of their team passing off each article of clothing which they then must put on. Team members continue this until the last participant is fully dressed in attire.

This event is coordinated by the Office of Student Activities for students of Lander University and is not open to the general public.