Lander University enrollment up for fall 2016
Thursday, Sep 01, 2016

students on campusAfter several years of declining enrollment, the number of students at Lander University is on the rise.

The fall 2016 semester, which began August 22, includes one of the largest freshman classes in Lander’s history, and the largest in the last six years, with 606 first-time freshmen registered – an 8 percent increase. Transfer student enrollment is also up 8 percent. Overall enrollment on the campus is up 2.5 percent.

The upswing in numbers is the result of numerous strategic initiatives and new programs put into place at the university over the past year, according to President Richard Cosentino. “I am extremely proud of the work that has been done by our administration, faculty and staff over the last 12 months to reverse the enrollment trend,” he said. “The quality and diversity of our student body is a testament to those efforts.”

Applications for this fall semester were up almost 10 percent. Andy Benoit, vice president for Enrollment and Access Management, said new and expanded recruiting strategies, carried out by a “hardworking and talented enrollment team,” helped raise that number.

Enhancements to student life and to the campus itself also played a significant role in the enrollment growth, as well as new and strengthened academic opportunities. A renewed focus on student employability and career preparedness is another big draw, Benoit added, and affordable tuition and competitive scholarships complete the package.

 “These enhancements and new programs have rejuvenated the university. Our students can sense that positive energy, and prospective students are really drawn to it,” Benoit said.

 Lander is expecting one of the largest student enrollments in its history next year.