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Worley Creates Endowed Scholarship for Lander Bass Fishing Team

Mike WorleyMike Worley, executive director of The Lander Foundation, has created an endowed scholarship for a member of Lander University's bass fishing team.

The WorleyBirdFarms Scholarship honors the farm in Ohio where he grew up.

Worley, whose life in higher education was made possible by two degrees from Ohio University, was motivated by the wish to help others have the kind of experience that he has had himself.

"I feel like if I had not gone to college, it would not have opened the doors for me for my career, to go the places I've gone and see the things I've seen. That would have never happened," he said.

He was also motivated by his love for fishing.

"I will fish in a puddle. I like fly fishing, I like saltwater fishing, I like inshore, offshore, everything," he said.

Worley, who also serves as vice president for University Advancement at Lander, said that the scholarship will be available beginning in the fall, and that fishing team coach Drew Pridgen will determine the recipient. There are no criteria, he added, other than being on the team.

Worley invited others interested in supporting the bass fishing team, or other students at Lander, to call him at 864-388-8350.