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Freshman Move-In Day Welcomes Hundreds to Lander

Freshman Move-In Day

A steady stream of incoming college students moved through the doorways of Lander University's residence halls on Monday morning (Aug. 14).

More than 200 volunteers, equipped with hand trucks and muscle power, helped students and their families unload vehicles __ hauling mini-refrigerators, lamps, mirrors, clothing and other essentials to the students' rooms.

This year's Freshman Move-In Day marks the first day of college life for more than 800 freshmen and new transfer students living on campus. Combined with upperclassmen residents, who return on August 15, the university is providing housing accommodations for approximately 1,500 students this fall.

With soaring enrollment and the need for more bed space, the university reopened McGhee Court and hired additional resident assistants (RAs) to guide and assist students living on campus.

"This is the largest group of RA's in Lander's history," commented Cindy Dysart, director of Housing and Residence Life. "We are excited about welcoming the Class of 2021, new transfer students and our returning upperclassmen."

Monitoring the process with a hands-on approach, Randy Bouknight, vice president for Student Affairs, visited each residential area, greeting families and providing encouragement to all of the hardworking volunteers.

"Everything is moving smoothly, and the clouds have helped keep temperatures down," observed Bouknight. "Freshman Move-In Day has gone very well, and I can't thank our volunteers enough for their assistance in moving the students into their rooms. The Housing Office, University Police, and the Physical Plant have all contributed to making this a successful opening."

Classes begin on Thursday, Aug. 17.