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New opportunities for media learning, collaboration and production are being created through LUX Studio, a space capable of transforming into a newsroom, a green screen studio, a sound stage, and a photography studio, and through the LUX student media website.

The LUX is a media-rich environment where students exchange ideas and collaborate for classes, internships, XLR Lander Radio, The Forum news magazine, LUX TV (formerly WLGTV), and the Lander Film Festival and Short Film Competition.

LUX studio and website allows students to create and share relevant and engaging content: news or magazine-style television shows, promotional videos, short films, photography or multimedia projects, audio projects, and more.

The LUX studio is equipped with a 4K Ultra-High Definition video production suite, providing students access to a cutting edge production facility. The studio is specifically designed to be a creative, flexible learning lab capable of adapting to the industry’s ever changing landscape.

Features include:

  • BlackMagic Design 4K ATEM 1M/E Switcher
  • BlackMagic Design Video Hub
  • BlackMagic Design 4K Hyperdeck
  • BlackMagic Design 4K Smart Scope Duo
  • BlackMagic HD Studio Cameras
  • Adobe Creative Cloud software
  • Canon DSLR cameras
  • Sony HD cameras
  • Zoom handheld audio recorders

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