“Breathtaking.” “Awesome.” “Just . . . wow.”

​How will you describe Lander's campus?

BaseballIf you were to draw your ideal college, what would it look like? Impressive, collegiate-looking buildings? Large green spaces and lots of trees? Beautiful residence halls? High-tech classrooms and labs, million dollar sports complex, renovated student union? We have got it all—in a great small city. This event is the best way to get a feel for what it is like to be at Lander and what our university has to offer. Choose this student-led campus tour which will include a baseball game on us!


Tips for Tours

  • Schedule your tour in advance. We would like to know you’re coming!
  • Wear comfortable walking shoes. Our walking tours are approximately an hour long.
  • Arrive on campus promptly. We like to keep our tours on schedule.
  • Get driving directions, and a map.
  • Be sure to ask questions during the tour. Our guides are current students and have great knowledge of the campus and its resources.
  • Check the weather forecast the day of the tour. Please plan for inclement weather.