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After nearly two years of suspended study abroad programs, Lander University has resumed accepting applications for Spring, Summer, and Fall 2022 study abroad.

Programs have been opened for application based on the curriculum, health, safety, and student support measures offered on site. At this time, keep in mind that these programs cannot be guaranteed. All students planning to travel in the near future must remain flexible as sudden changes may occur based on the situation in your destination country. The Office of Study Abroad will be constantly monitoring the COVID-19 rates and responses of host country locations and programs. We strongly advise that students consult with their academic advisor and created a backup plan for on-campus study just in case. The Office of Study Abroad will remain in close contact with you throughout the semester to update you on any changes to your program’s availability.



How is Lander monitoring the COVID-19 situation worldwide?
A team of university officials, including the Director of Study Abroad, Student Health Services, the Provost’s Office, and the Covid-19 Task Force, are monitoring the pandemic worldwide. To assess risks related to Study Abroad, Lander uses a number of resources, including governmental agencies, news reports, professional health and security organizations, and program providers.


How will Lander make the decision about Spring 2022 Study Abroad programming?
Prior to the change in the U.S. Department of State (DoS) advisory methodology earlier this year, Lander did not support student travel to countries with a DoS Travel Advisory Level 4. Historically, a DoS Level 4 applied to a small number of countries based on extremely high crime rates, widespread civil unrest, unstable governments, serious security threats such as kidnapping or hostage taking, recent natural disasters, or frequent acts of terrorism. With the DoS’s methodology change, Lander has reevaluated its strategy for assessing risk in study abroad program locations, particularly risk related to COVID-19.

Lander will not support student travel to countries or areas under a DoS Level 4 advisory because of crime, civil unrest, natural disasters, or terrorism. To assess the risk related to COVID-19 in a given country, rather than using the DoS advisory level as the sole measurement, Lander will consider the following factors to determine whether the university can support student travel:

  • DoS Travel Advisory level
  • CDC COVID-19 Travel Health Notice level
  • Recent case rates
  • Vaccination rates
  • Whether U.S. students are allowed to enter
  • Commercial air availability

When making decisions about specific programs, we will consider local conditions as well as input from peer institutions and our overseas partners.


What are the current DOS and CDC travel advisories?
Currently, both the State Department and the CDC travel advisories are in a state of flux. This is due in part to the evolution of the COVID-19 pandemic worldwide, and also to the recent modifications in how the State Department and the CDC determine their advisory levels. The most recent listings can be found at this State Department webpage and this CDC webpage.


I would like to study abroad in the Spring of 2022. What should I be doing?
For students who would like to study abroad for the Spring 2022 semester, Lander recommends that you prepare for two scenarios: (1) that study abroad programming will proceed normally for the Spring 2022 semester, and (2) that study abroad programming may be suspended due to COVID-19. We recommend that you complete study abroad-related applications with the Study Abroad Office and your desired program. We also recommend that you work with your academic advisor to register for on-campus classes at Lander to ensure you can continue your academic progress if Spring 2022 study abroad programming is ultimately suspended. We strongly recommend against committing any non-refundable funds to your study abroad experience yet, including housing payments in your host country and airfare.


Who can I contact about Study Abroad and the Covid-19 situation?
For health and medical-related questions and concerns, please contact Student Health Services. For logistical and programmatic questions and concerns, please contact the Director of Study Abroad.