Students have the right to seek specific relief from the application of the academic policy of the University. 

The request should include a concise letter of the circumstances which have led to the request and any required or suggested supporting documentation. The Student Letter Guidelines (PDF) offers suggestions for the composition of the letter.

At a minimum, the following deadlines must be observed:

  1. Appeal for Readmission (PDF): Students must submit an Application for Admission, an Appeal for Readmission form and a letter of explanation to the Office of Admissions (Learning Center 114) before making an appointment with the Director of Admissions. The Admissions and Petitions Committee will review the application and make the decision on readmission. If you wish, you may appear before the Committee. Readmission initiated or supporting documents received after these deadlines will not be accepted unless you can demonstrate circumstances beyond your control that prevented you from completing the process on time.

  2. Academic Petition (PDF): Petition forms and supporting documents must be submitted no later than the close of business on the work day PRIOR to the Committee meeting day to the Registrar's Office. Petitions and supporting documents submitted after this deadline will be considered at the next monthly meeting of the Committee.

The University Petitions Committee (PDF) meets at least once during each month of the year; the specific meeting dates and times are posted outside the Registrar's Office (Learning Center 122).