Place and Time

Commencement ceremonies are held in the Finis Horne Arena on campus. The ceremony will begin promptly at 11:00 AM and the entrance into the Finis Horne Arena may not be possible after 10:45 AM.



Tickets are required to attend the commencement ceremony. Graduation candidates will be able to pick up and sign for their tickets during the last week of classes and remaining tickets will be disbursed on a first-come, first-served basis during the week of exams.


Arena Seating

In order to ensure that Lander University maximizes the safety, comfort and enjoyment of all who plan to attend the ceremony and to ensure compliance with the State Fire Marshall Code, we ask that our guests observe the following courtesies:

  • The Willson Street entrance to the Finis Horne Arena will open at 9:00 AM. Arrive in time to be seated in the Finis Horne Arena no later than 10:45 AM; otherwise, you will be asked to watch the Ceremony in the Cultural Center Auditorium by closed-circuit television.
  • Guests with physical disabilities who arrive in time to be seated in the Arena can be dropped off at the lower entrance of the Arena (Willson Street entrance) and will be accommodated in the appropriate areas. These guests can be accompanied by one attendant.
  • Guests are invited to extend to the graduating students the honor and respect of polite applause as each student crosses the stage – befitting a dignified ceremony. We ask that guests refrain from shouting out names or other forms of boisterous behavior until all are invited to make a joyful sound of celebration and congratulation at the end of the ceremony.



For the convenience of our graduation candidates and their families, we have made arrangements with Grad Images for a professional photographer to record the moment the graduation candidate is awarded their diploma. Family members and friends are encouraged to remain in their seats and enjoy the ceremony. Personal picture taking can be done after the ceremony.